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About Me

My name is Pavel Pomikalek. I have more than 15 years professional working experiences at terrestrial radio stations with sound production advertising design, editing, recording and processing vocals, creating jingles and sound promos. I have also experiences with composing music as a music producer for many years. Radio stations: RADIO UNITED SERVICES s.r.o. today called MEDIA CLUB, s.r.o., RADIO PALAVA s.r.o. and RADIO PROMOTION s.r.o. (Advertising production, sound logos production, audio promo production, voice recording and editing, sound effects recording for Radio Impuls, Kiss, Beat, Country Radio and Radio Jih). I create professional sounds to be applied in advertisements, jingles and sound trailers. I compose modern electronic music including melodies for singing. I compose original background music for video, commercials and radio promotion. I make mixing, stem mastering and standard mastering. I can clean any source of audio recordings (denoising, decracking, etc.) . I can edit, export and sort any kind of audio materials based on requirements. I can implement sound effects and music to any kind of video sources.




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